Centra Showroom 1.8.0

Released on 27th of September

🥝 Added
  • It's now possible to filter not only by stock, categories and delivery windows — Showroom API plugin allows you to choose attributes like color, fit, gender, and others. Note: support for Brands and Collections is experimental now, but will be added in the upcoming release.
  • New product matrix - refactored component which behaves close to how Excel/Numbers do
  • Now it's possible to copy and paste single/multiple cells inside and between matrices (like in Excel), it's even possible to move the data in that way between Centra Showroom and Excel/Numbers
  • Notify when saving items in the matrix fails
  • Display tooltip for cells with added/removed elements


  • The application now displays the syncing status loader. When the values inserted into the product matrix are syncing with the server, a subtle loader in the top bar is shown and currently syncing cells are highlighted.
  • The product matrix has now help icon placed above the table with quantities. User gets notification when he encounters new matrix for the first time (tooltip above the help icon). Clicking on the help icon opens modal with instructions about copying and pasting values from spreadsheet into showroom product table.


♻️ Changed
  • Black bar at the bottom of the page shows how many unique products you have, not how many variants they have available.
  • If your order cannot be modified anymore, you will see the checkout page instead of Order is already processed message.
  • Navigation between pages is now more smooth thanks to caching. You will see the spinner less frequently.
  • When you open an order that has not any products yet, you will see the products grid instead of empty Select units page. If you already have products in your order, everything will stay the same.
🐛 Fixed
  • Ensure config is loaded before loading products
  • Product description formatting in product details page has been fixed and now it's possible to display text with bold, underline, strike format, insert links, headings and so on.
  • Checkout page shows correct products and units now.