Centra Showroom 1.5.0

Released on 16th of August

🥝 Added
  • Orders sheet list: table header will stick to the viewport while scrolling down the page. On browsers that do not support this behavior (e.g. Internet Explorer 11), it will stay the way it was.
  • Scroll position is now persisted. Up to this point, the page would be scrolled to the top each time the user navigates between different routes.
🐛 Fixed
  • Table visibility button has now corrected z-index and is not visible over background overlay when application menu is open.
  • Product thumbnails are now correctly displayed. Before it was common to show a placeholder instead of real photo of a product.
  • When lazy-loading products in lookbook, the application used to fetch products from outside of the lookbook scope (market- and delivery window wise).
  • Price are displayed consistently throughout the application (with two decimal places).
  • Sticky bar at the bottom will not cover main content on Safari anymore.
♻️ Changed
  • Orders sheet list: table headers contents will wrap only when necessary.