Centra Showroom 1.4.0

Released on 2nd of August

🥝 Added
  • It's now possible to open product page in a new tab by right-clicking, middle-clicking and Cmd/Ctrl-clicking.
  • Add table column display button, columns are hidden dynamically based on screen width, user can also manually select which table column are displayed
🐛 Fixed
  • Login screen: delivery window list is now displayed properly when there's multiple delivery windows available at once.
  • Cells modified by different users have proper borders.
  • Order sharing: the list of emails that the order was just shared with is now correct.
  • Improve responsiveness - hide vertical scrollbars, remove right margin and fix product matrix overflow.
  • Display issues in Safari are now fixed - cut off search input, misaligned Create Order Sheet button and missing border in order sheet list.
  • Responsiveness display issues in lookbook topbar are now fixed.