Centra Showroom 1.2.0

Released on 5th of July 2017

🥝 Added
  • The layout of product page has changed and it's responsive. Product page has now a gallery with carousel of images. It's possible to open the image in a lightbox and zoom in the details. Main images of variants/related products are now displayed below product name.
  • Improve scrolling experience for mobile users
  • Display order details in OrderSelect bar for checkoutRequestes order
🐛 Fixed
  • Fix not sending products limit if it came undefined from API
  • Make sure the message is not visible when not offline
  • Add missing action type
  • Change window.confirm, remove confirm from utils (broken after TypeScript switch)
  • Products with total quantity 0 are not displayed in order summary in review and checkout step.
  • Fixed product matrix table overflowing order summary box in review and checkout step.
  • Fixed share order form, improving validation and enabling to share an order without approving the email with Enter key first.
  • Fixed filter popup animation in Select products, which was jumping a little bit.
  • Fixed problem with displaying order name and number for orders with checkout requested status.
♻️ Changed
  • Two factors are now considered while sorting product images: availability and whether a variant has a photo or not. Available products come before unavailable ones, and variants with real photos come before variants with placeholders.