Centra Showroom 1.1.0

Released on 21st of June 2017

🥝 Added
  • Users will know if a product is unavailable. Within a family of variants, the ones that are available come first in the carousel.
  • Delivery windows can now be sorted.
  • Added In stock/all filter in Products and updated design of filters bar.
  • When the user goes offline, a notification is shown and API interactions are freezed.
  • Application version is now displayed on the home page. If corresponding API is versioned, its version is displayed next to it.
🐛 Fixed
  • fixed issues with create order dropdown related to change of API format of delivery windows
  • Improved scrolling for measure table in 'Select units'.
👵🏼 Removed
  • Unused packages (history, sinon) were removed.