Centra Showroom 1.0.0

Released on 7 of June 2017

The list includes the changes that have been made since 2017-03-16.

v1.0.0 — 2017-06-07

🥝 Added
  • Clients can now pass static content via CMS. Right now, new /files subpage will be created when the user creates a page in Silk.
  • Google Tag Manager support.
  • Backorders support.
  • HEAP analytics support.
  • LogRocket support.
  • It's possible to remove multiple orders at once.
  • change of label from "Delete checked" to "Delete selected"
  • Sellers can change their passwords in Account section.
  • Safari private mode users will receive a notification about local storage being required for Showroom to work.
  • Size matrix cell contents are preselected when the user focuses inside the input field.
  • Hotjar support.
  • Measurement charts are available on product pages.
  • Browser history is used to navigate between views.
  • Back button works as expected.
  • Every main view has its own route visible in browser status bar.
  • It's now possible to navigate within product matrix with your keyboard. Tab, Enter and arrow keys can be used to move the focus between cells and rows.
♻️ Changed
  • Lookbook: the back button will always point to the /lookbook page, not necessarily where the user was before.
  • Silent error handling is now allowed. Some errors are just being logged instead of crushing the app.
  • LogRocket will be passed more information about the user. Session URL is passed as a request header, making it accessible in API logs.
  • Login screen: validation messages are clear & simple.
  • Keyboard navigation is now possible between multiple matrices as well.
🐛 Fixed
  • Order sheet layout won't break because of a column being too wide.
  • Blank screen after successful multi delwin checkout
  • Hitting Enter when focused on Add product to order button won't trigger multiple API calls.
  • Size table: ❌ icon is displayed according to business logic. Before, when units typed by the user exeeded available stock, the icon made it impossible for the user to correct the value.
  • Lookbook routing works as expected.
  • Keyboard navigation & focus rings works as expected on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Unexpected scrolling to the top of the page on Internet Explorer 11.
  • It's now possible to expand matrices on success screen.
  • Clearing the order won't clear the entire reducer anymore.
  • Clients won't experience bugs that are already fixed, but have persisted due to the application being cached by the browser. The index.html file is always revalidated and won't be cached by any proxy servers.
  • Products won't disappear on page reload anymore.
  • Login screen validation messages are displayed correctly.
  • Empty additional notes are not sent to the backend.
  • Product matrix is revalidated when delivery window list is changed.
  • Products view: checkbox is always clickable.
  • After refreshing product list page, extra product were loaded. Now the list is always displayed based on the order ID and user access level.
👵🏼 Deprecated
  • Line sheets have been removed.