Centra 2.6.0

Released on 19th of July

🥝 Features

  • Silk has been renamed to Centra
  • Facebook product feed
  • New Shop API operation to save the customers address data during the checkout and/or to pre-fill the checkout
  • Possibility to retain a customers PayPal session in order to handle the 10486 response code. (If you want to handle this, it also requires adding special handling to your webshop)
  • APSIS integration: Added CSS "nomob" for product delimiter
  • Centra version visible in the lower left corner
  • Added the possibility to hide SKU on Order Confirmation PDF

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Navision could get double order rows if the order contained several sizes of the same product combined with certain discounts
  • Consignation module displayed a blank error message when importing orders from a CSV with blank lines, even though the import was successful.
  • Consignation module Checkout did not show when items with no stock were removed from the order.
  • Shipwallet ID was sometimes forgotten
  • File downloads did not always work
  • DIBS flexwin integration ignored the suspect flag, suspect orders were not marked as suspect
  • Adyen integration: Billing address was not sent for CSE (when the card number fields are integrated into the checkout).