Centra 2.3.0

Released on 8 of June 2017

🥝 Features

  • Add incoming stock to forecast module (as a separate column)
  • Add incoming supplier order to final stock in Forecast.
  • Checkout APIv3 (used for Glen-projects) does now support localization from Centra.
  • Add class to Apsis cell table in order to make it possisble to style email templates.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Issue 1248 Fixed stock overview warehouses
  • Issue 1248 Fixed disappearing search params after selecting warehouses
  • Bug in showroom setting proper delivery window on the remaining products in the selection when order was placed.
  • Klarna Checkout UK/US did not work with a blank shipwallet URL.
  • Now possible to use ' in size names.
  • Adding products to an order now uses pricelist discount from the account.
  • Integrations creating order deliveries sometimes tried to make another capture.
  • Fixed refund bugs for Klarna. Added checks if refund amount was set or not.
  • Showroom, product listing showed prices as if campaigns connected to the silk option "no delwin" were active on all delwins.
  • Fix for Instagram plugin, add additional checks for the use_store flag in CMS.
  • Fixed method for negative incoming stock in Forecast module.
  • Make sure we validate the status codes from quickpay, it was accidentially approving failed payments.
  • Commission paid Report does not support column selection and does not have any params to set.
  • Issue 1280 Link in Wholesale order confirmation wrong, gave a 404
  • Issue 1279 Change Unifaun shipping option for BHP (DB Schenker Privpak - Ombud Standard (1 kolli <20kg)) replaced: PP=> SBTL
  • Fixed SQL error when doing a discount clone