Centra 2.2.0

Released on 23 of May 2017

🥝 Features:

  • Discount export. 2 new discount exports, one to export a list using different parameters, and one to export all orders/refunds for a single voucher.
  • Frontend APIs now generate a better swagger

🐛 Hotfixes:

  • Infinite loop in voucher, when voucher-selector was <= 0
  • Use credit-card functionality for 3rd (klarna etc) to also mark order as complete properly (using batch and regular Capture). Also made sure no double-captures will happen on shipments and added patcher for prolog db
  • Make sure we always know if we've set voucher, handling and shipping. Regression bug in creating shipments from NAV.
  • Fix so silkapi supplier delivery accept can use sku for product IDs (also fixed an interesting bug causing pr_id to contain prv_desc and psi_id to contain pr_desc)
  • This deducted OUT VAT from the price instead of IN vat which is the correct way.