Centra 2.14.0

Released on 8th of November

πŸ₯ Features
  • To easily upload metadata to images in CMS, we can now read metadata from EXIF/IPTC on the images. Let us know if you want this configured for any place in the CMS (if you're uploading many images and have metadata on them already).


  • Adding Elasticsearch versions of the customer, account and shipment filters.
  • We finally now send push events to webshop when product campaigns starts and stops!
  • Invoices with a lot of orders looked bad in both invoice view and PDF:
  • If ordernumbers goes above 400 chars, move them to a separate page in the end
  • Order numbers in invoice view is now listed with comma, instead of new lines


screen shot 2017-11-03 at 23 10 17 screen shot 2017-11-03 at 23 10 55


screen shot 2017-11-03 at 23 09 37 screen shot 2017-11-03 at 23 13 38

  • Images and files now get proper cache-control settings to make Google PageSpeed more happy.
πŸ› Bugs
  • Consignment module no longer shows deactivated accounts
  • Order Receipt/Confirmation emails sent from the popup behaved badly with certain settings. it should now always just sned to the emails specified in the popup.
  • Proper VAT on Rulemailer orders
  • Make sure all campaigns are moved over to variations
  • Properly fix some issues with CMS-slideshows regarding Γ₯Àâ
  • Push-URL on ShopAPI will only try for 30 seconds now
  • Send country state to Unifaun properly
  • ShopAPI could in some cases with Paypal and Klarna subscribe users that were not supposed to get newsletters.
  • "SEND EMAIL" previously had issues with always just sending to salesrep when having certain store settings.
  • Hotfix: Category filter did not work properly when filtering on campaigns
  • Hotfix: Showroom products were not correctly sorted with elasticsearch. This happened when viewing products from multiple categories at the same time.
  • Customers using Elasticsearch were not seeing new orders.
  • Hotfix: Checkout API affiliate HTML-snippet is now working properly