Centra 2.13.0

Released on 25th of October

🥝 Features
  • Campaigns are now set on each variant, instead of all variants of a product
  • New Slack Webhook plugin, will post info when new orders arrive for a store to a Slack Channel. You can install it by adding the plugin "Slack Webhook" to your store and follow the guide.


  • Added working limit for products and stock OrderAPI, which will give you previous and next to iterate through all products
  • No more Flash Upload, no Flash needed to upload multiple images to Centra. We recommend uninstalling Flash completely if this was the only reason you needed it.
  • Shipwallet and Unifaun now plays nice together, preferred option by Shipwallet is selected when sending to Unifaun. Also Best shipping option was added to Unifaun plugin.
  • Added clarification on when auto stock exports are made
  • Klarna integrations now report VAT for shipping/handling/voucher on multi VAT orders correctly by splitting the values across the different VAT levels.
  • Shipwallet (Ingrid) V2 SIW integration, Centra can now provide consumers of the ShopAPI with the new Shipwallet widget.
🐛 Bugs
  • Make sure files uploaded in plugins are transferred over to S3
  • SQLi error using hold:yes/no in filters when searching
  • SQLi issues in CMS, properly sanitized everything in CMS article handling
  • Proper handling of Klarna Checkout orders to make sure we always capture the proper amount and that the order is modified properly in Klarna Checkout if it differs from Centra
  • Discounts in Showroom using (Account Discount, Delwin Discount), (Pricelist Discount) and (Campaign Discount with and without Sale-checkbox) will now be visible differently in the Showroom. Pricelist Discount will modify the price without visible discount. Campaign Discount without Sale ticked will do the same thing. Account/Delwin discount will be visible but not scream "Sale" and Campaign Discount with Sale ticked will mark it's being on sale.
  • Showroom API: Orders with an inactive buyer did not have any buyer information
  • Showroom API: Some items were not added to the count of items in the order
  • Showroom API: Accounts with no warehouse connected to it still showed as having product stock
  • Showroom API: SKU search was case sensitive via Elasticsearch