Centra 2.12.0

Released on 11th of October

🐛 Bugfixes
  • Make sure we add Content-Disposition to report files, which makes them download properly in Internet Explorer
  • Correctly keep or switch to the proper payment plugin if we get notification from payment provider and the plugin differ from the current selection. Previously it could also switch between different plugins of the same provider (like Adyen) but this should not happen any more.
  • When using the shipping-lists (different shipping options for the customer) it would in some cases not find the proper one depending on the currency.
  • Relative links in the CMS now points to the proper CDN-URL of the image. Example: <img src="/client/dynamic/articles/image1.png" /> and [img=/client/dynamic/articles/image1.png] will now be translated into to the CDN-URL and should make images serve properly.
  • Report attachments in emails wasn't attached properly after moving reports to external content-storage. Also send all auto-generated report emails from no-reply@centra.systems
  • Make sure we send order_modified properly to Shipwallet v1
  • Issue with sorting of orders for customers moved to Elasticsearch
  • Klarna/SIE4/Visma/E-conomic wasn't properly handling shipping/voucher. This was because additions to support multiple tax-percentages.
  • Make sure shipwallet option shows up in ES
🥝 Features
  • Fortnox integration now handles multitax (multiple VAT-percentages in the same invoice)
  • Ability to deselect measurement charts for products in batch