Centra 2.11.0

Released on 27th of September

🐛 Bugfixes
  • Hotfix: Patcher corrections for SSO-preparation
  • Reset cached config values when doing updates
  • Hotfix: If the error is "Validation failed" for email address, then remove it from queue after one error.
  • It was not possible to export all customers when having 150.000 customers. We fixed this by using LightExcel for Customer Export (for large exports).
  • Placed Order Email changed name to Order Confirmation Email. No need to re-add the non-used email.
  • Fixing issue with Sendmail used by older solutions not having files in dynamic.
  • When trying to insert html using the buttons above the form, we did not properly have unique names on the form fields, which made B2B (or whenever client uses multi-store) not work.
  • Additional cost in tax calculator gives wrong value
  • ShowroomApi1 Configuration error when shared links was disabled
  • Hotfix: Do not switch payment when plugin is the same (but with different restrictions). Adyen orders was switched over to the plugin having the notification-URL. Make sure we check that the plugin being used only will be switched if the plugin differs.
  • Order Confirmation did not work properly