Centra 2.10.0

Released on 13th of September

πŸ› Bugfixes
  • In different scenarios depending on what the customer did during the payment step, an order could get the wrong payment plugin selected even though it was finalized with another plugin. This sometimes made capture fail. We now make sure we are having the proper plugin when the order is finalized.
  • Commission Reports included Shipping Value in Invoice Total column, this is removed.
  • Google feed was only showing the first variation when having multiple variants on the same display.
  • Some events in Centra was not triggering the webhook to the website. Affiliate changes did not generate a push. Shipping changes did not generate push. It will now send all pricelists when changed.
  • Uploading logos as SVG-files was not setting the proper image format type, so they did not show up properly on the Showroom front
  • Using the ShopAPI, searching for products using a localized version did not translate the category name
  • Using Create selection in Centra did not use Delivery Window-specific discount


  • Importing cost/pcs for historical data should be MUCH faster now
  • Order Confirmation e-mail is now properly implemented. We turned it off for everyone since we changed it a lot, but you are able to edit the format of the Order Confirmation e-mail under STATICS and you can enable sending it in the Store-settings:

screen shot 2017-09-13 at 15 18 47
screen shot 2017-09-13 at 15 18 58

  • When placing an order in the Showroom, the receipt contained products that was having qty:0 (these are saved for later in the current selection, but should not show up in the receipt)
  • We improved our logic when an order contains multiple tax amounts for different products in regards to voucher/shipping/handling costs.
  • Auto-created customers without an account will not receive a reset password email any more.
  • Invoice emails could get garbled characters when using Γ₯Àâ and similar.
  • Completely new flow in regards to product images. Should be much faster and better creation of thumbnails.
  • Searching for authors in the CMS-module did not work properly
  • Make sure we only fetch non-virtual payment methods for old frontends
  • Klarna Checkout v2 got the voucher values wrong on tax-deducted orders
πŸ₯ Features
  • Added Cision as a plugin. You are now able to set up what feeds that should be imported from Cision to the CMS as a plugin.
  • The ShopAPI now supports setting the same relation type for any variant in the same product.
  • CheckoutAPI v3 (Glen) now supports Customer login: https://api-docs.centra.com/checkout-api/
  • Email popup now supports the new Order Confirm e-mail
  • Add option to select product image size that is sent to Nosto