Centra 2.1.0

Released on 9 of May 2017

🥝 Features:

  • Add Update Shipment to OrderAPI/SilkAPI. API-docs are updated: https://api-docs.centra.com/order-api/#update-shipment
  • Voucher changes. We have changed the way vouchers are recalculated if they are a multi-currency voucher

    Before: When a voucher that had multiple currencies was previously used, we recalculated the price left using the current rates between the base currency and the currency for each pricelist

    Now: When a voucher is used, we will zero out the other currencies except the one in use, this means that you will only be able to continue use the voucher in the same currency as you initially used it, will make reports and stuff much easier

    Also, when having multiple pricelists in the same currency that was used, all of them will be recalculated the same way, this makes it possible to still move customers between pricelists and still make vouchers work properly when on a new pricelist (with the same currency)

  • Add "description" to variation in orderproduct-item in Navision integration
  • Add Used vouchers / Created vouchers to Gift-cert view
  • Added ability to set Store on Markers in Googlemaps module (Only needed for multi-store, like moods/brandstad)
    No store selected means show for all (default), and Store set means only show for that store. All old markers are shown for all, and we modified our current multi-store enabled clients.
  • New Checkout API v3 added. Swagger is coming up soon.
  • pages=true in settings will enable pages on CMS-section
  • WSDL-location for Navision/Jeeves/Garp/Pyramid integration can now be switched between different pinned versions using for example api/2016-11-29 in the URL.
  • Add OCR functionality to Fortnox.
  • Created vouchers are sorted properly in the filter on the Gift Cert page
  • M3 config changes when using multi-store setup in regards to facility and customer templates.
  • Order Confirmation email will now be called Order Receipt and we will add Order Confirmation email when the order is confirmed shortly.
  • Weight unit selector (KG/LB) is added to the Fedex Plugin for US-domestic packages.
  • Product Name and Display Name is now separated in the Detailed Excel Export on an order.

🐛 Hotfixes:

  • Fixed public facing SQL-injection issue with Voucher-logging
  • Change so quarterly scheduling services are generated on the day after at 00:00
  • Change the shipment completion so it ignores Digital Content-orders
  • Modify payment-accept / generic payment plugins to mark order as paid directly
  • Change so authorize use the proper index for the BA_ID in the API-call
  • Change so we only show active collections above the LINK-filter in Supplier Module
  • Hide-invoice-link from SYNC did not work on invoice integrations
  • dataLayer now uses SKU instead of ID according to https://developers.google.com/tag-manager/enhanced-ecommerce
  • Bug when reloading selection in API when changing country or when free-product vouchers were added and removed.
  • Bug in X-for-Y voucher sometimes discounting the same item twice.
  • OrderAPI-bugfixes (internalComment-appending space, DELETE /shipments/X. Now only allowing already created non-shipped shipments to be returned using the createShipment-call and changed to int for qty in order response.
  • (optimization) Only append customer to order if the customer wasn't already there.
  • Visual bug, removed refunded products from tax calculation of delivery. Delivery note was wrong when doing a refund and exporting a delivery note afterwards, having prices in the delivery note. Delivery sheet was not affected. Invoices was not affected.
  • Fixes on discount decimals roundings on invoice PDFs
  • Refund popup now disables button when submitting the refund to prevent double-submit.
  • Make sure we prefer active and priced products over others in consignment module.
  • ShopAPI bugs when switching between regions. Payment method could get 0 as handling cost or handling cost in the wrong currency. Could also get wrong description of payment method when looking at the order.
  • Handle commas and dots for customs % and prices in supplier module.
  • CheckoutAPI, Show receipt data instead of selection data when order is placed
  • Bug when cloning vouchers, r was stripped away if the voucher code began or ended with r.
  • Only email to agent if that is explicitly set in the store settings.