Roadmap for Centra

Completed production, in release 1.2.3:

  • Fortnox integration – Send invoices/customers to Fortnox and receive payments back to Centra.
  • Xero integration – Send invoices/customers to Xero and receive payments back to Centra.
  • QuickBooks integration – Send invoices/customers to QuickBooks and receive payments back to Centra.

Completed production, waiting for release:

  • Freshbooks integration – Send invoices/customers to Freshbooks and receive payments back to Centra.
  • Post Danmark Label integration – Post all info into Post Danmark and get labels in return.

In production right now:

  • Supplier Module changes
  • Move plugins to its own page
  • Voucher updates, ability to create vouchers easier, more flexibility – action/criteria/outcome.
  • Consignment abilities on shipments.

Future updates:

  • Batch handling of Customer, Order, Pricelist-info.
  • Tags on Accounts and Orders.
  • Combine Affiliates, Shipment modules, Payment modules into the new Plugin system, and move Plugin system to a own tab inside SETUP.
  • Internal articles from Assistly into Centra.