Centra 1.2.0

Warehouse segmentation

Ability to select warehouses that should be available for specific markets. You can now have warehouses with stock that is dedicated to a specific market. You do not need to create multiple variants to the same product, instead you can use the Warehouse Groups to control this. You can also set specific priority on each warehouse for selected countries. You will find Warehouse Groups under SYSTEM / WAREHOUSES and the button called WAREHOUSE GROUPS.

Range Shipping

The ability to create range shipping. You can now select what type of range you want, for a specific country selection. You can base it on both weight and price, combined. It will always try to take the maximum amount.

So if you have an order with 100 USD and weight 1kg, according to the rules above, the shipping fee will be 20 USD. "From" means that it's "from and including this value". You can always set a rule that later on resets the fee, for example, price range: From:200 USD, Cost:0 means that above 200 USD you will get free shipping. Remember that this does not work if you combine both Weight and Price (since as per above it'll always take the maximum amount).

New indicatior in dashboard

You are now able to see what indicator in the dashboard that is ongoing. That means you'll see what range that are still moving, the orange indicators will be fixed.

Invoice Dashboard

There's a new dashboard only connected to invoices. You are able to see latest invoices, overdue invoices and invoices soon to be due. You can also see how much you've been invoicing for a specific amount of time.

New reports

We have added a couple of reports in the system. They are explained below. You are almost always able to restrict these by time. Some exceptions is the Inventory Report that extracts the current stock.

Sales Per Product/Order

Will show you all products inside each order for a specific amount of time.

Columns: Order, Created, Country, Brand, SKU, Product, Variant, Size, Amount, Total, Total VAT, Currency, Base Total, Base Total VAT, Base Currency.

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents

Sales Per Product

Will summarize the sales for each product. This is also showing COG + Gross Profit aswell.

Columns: Brand, SKU, Product, Variant, Size, Amount, Total, Total VAT, Currency, Base Total, Base Total incl VAT., Base Total VAT, Base Currency, COG, Gross Profit, Profit Margin.

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents

Sales per Order

Will summarize sales for each order. You will see what paytype that was used on the order aswell.

Columns: Order, Order Date, Paytype, Captured, Captured Date, Country, Pcs, Product Total, Shipping, Voucher, VAT Deduct, Grand Total, VAT, Refunded, Currency, Grand Total in Base Currency, VAT in Base Currency, Base Currency.

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents

Sales per Folder

Will summarize sales per folder. You will also get COG + Gross Profit.

Columns: Folder, Qty, Orders, Ø Products/order, Total Sales, Ø Sales/order, Incl. Discount, COG, Gross Profit, Profit Margin.

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents + Level of folder. You are able to summarize by Level 1 (First level of the folders) or by level 2 or 3.

Intrastat Sales

Will summarize sales on Shipment Date, Delivery Country, Harm Code, Weight, COG. (None)

Columns: Delivery Country, Shipment Date, Harm Code, Harm Code Description, Country of Origin, Weight, Unit, Pcs, Price, Product Total

Invoice Report

Will show you all invoices created between set interval, you can select invoices by invoice number and/or invoice date.

Columns: Date, Invoice Number, Type, Account Number, Currency, Value (ex VAT), VAT, Base Value (ex VAT), Base VAT, Base Total.

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents

Invoiced Items per Brand

Will go through all invoices in the set interval, and summarize amounts by Brand-column.

Columns: Brand, Qty, Base Total

Limit posibilities: EU/Non-EU/Continents

Inventory Report

Will extract the current inventory.

FTA = Means FREE TO ALLOCATE. This is the current levels you see when watching a product. This is available to sell.

Allocated = Everything that is inside orders that has not been shipped yet. This does not include preorder/backorder. Only allocated stock without a completed shipment. They could be inside shipments that has not been shipped yet.

Columns: SKU, Brand, Product, Variant, Size, FTA Qty, FTA total value, FTA value / pcs, Allocated Qty, Allocated total value, Allocated value / pcs, Physical Qty, Physical total value, Physical value / pcs.

Limit posibilities: Warehouse level.

We will continuously add new reports, and give you updates on when that happens.

Wider user access levels

You are now able to restrict a user down to module section level. For example, if you are using the CMS, you can restrict a user to a specific section of it.

Product listing Actions

You are now able to multi change products' general attributes. This is the first step into being able to change everything on a product without going through each and each. It works just like iTunes, select what part you want to affect, and insert the value you want, and push it out on all products you have.

Serializable Product

This is a new setting on a product, this enables the product to be serializable, which mean you are able to have a different SKU to each product you sell. For example, if a person buys 5 of these, you will still end up with five different rows. And you are also able to change the SKU of these ones, so you could insert a different SKU for each one inside an order.

Ability to connect multiple images inside a product

You can now select multiple images and connect them to a variant or delete them.

Batch-functionality to handle multiple orders

You are now able to create deliveries out of orders without accessing each order. NB: This does not change anything if you are using Direct to Shipment setting in your store. You can also select if you want the shipment to be "Good to go" and/or create invoices on them. This is also fixed for Shipment level to only create invoices on them.

New view for the orders on a product

In CATALOG, you're able to see a much better overview of where your products are. You can reach this view by going to a product and press "Orders" on your variation. It will now show you all products on orders divided by size. You will also get the following columns:

Qty: Total amount ordered

Cancel: Cancelled products

Preorder: Products that are set to preorder

Allocated: Allocated products

Sent: Products that are inside shipments that are sent.

Returned: Returned products

More columns inside Shipments / Orders / Customers

You can now se:

Unexpedited: All allocated products that is not inside a shipment

Unshipped: All products that is not inside a shipped shipment yet. The amount will decrease here only when the shipment is shipped.

You are able to view how many invoices you have created on a shipment, so you could keep track of what shipments that is not invoiced.

You can also see for how much (in your base currency) the customers has bought for, earlier you could only see how many orders they had.

This is also inside account view:

Credit Limit

You are able to restrict certain accounts in wholesale to how much they already have as open orders. This mean that you will have the possibility to lock accounts from puting orders if they have not paid their invoices. Later on, you will be able to control if you want the restriction to be when you ship instead of when the account places an order.

We also have a list now with all the search criteria in the most important parts of the system, regarding sales and orders. Please see below, you should already have an active account in our support area: