Centra 1.2.3

Here's a list with all the new updates for 1.2.3. We will try to explain as good as we can regarding the new features. You will be notified as soon as you are running the latest version.

We've made some awesome crunch-time changes, please see below for details!

Customer-less Create Selection for Retail

You're now able to create a selection without having a customer connected to it. You will find the CREATE SELECTION-button inside RETAIL / SALES.

Prepayment invoice handling

We've changed the way prepayments on orders/invoices work. Here's the complete flow:

  1. Create an order. When you finalize the order you're able to insert a prepayment value. You are also able to add a prepayment inside an order after it has been placed.

  2. Next to the ADD PAYMENT-button inside the order, there's a PREPAYMENT INVOICE-button. This button will create a prepayment invoice without the need of creating a shipment. This invoice is not connected to any product, only the order.
  3. When you've created this invoice you're able to see it inside the order below DOCUMENTS.
  4. As soon as you have received the payment of this invoice, and you've started shipping products out, you will see that when you create an invoice on a shipment, the same amount as the prepayment invoice is now deducted from the invoice value of the shipment.

Filter warehouse in Catalog / Stock

It is now a lot easier to view the stock of a certain warehouse. There's a "FILTER WAREHOUSE"-button above the STOCK-listing inside Catalog / Stock. You are also able to select multiple warehouses at once.

New Stock view

The stock view when expanding a product is now much more detailed and in one view together. You are able to see all stages of the product cycle and also track demand and availability.

Description of columns:

  • Physical: FTA + Unshipped.
  • FTA (Free to Allocate): What's available to sell right now.
  • Allocated: Physical - FTA.
  • Demand: All products in unshipped orders that are back ordered or on preorder.
  • Unshipped: All products that haven't been shipped out and are allocated.
  • Supplier: Everything unlinked in supplier orders.
  • Available: FTA - Demand.

Note: This affects some sections inside the system, such as setting a default warehouse on a warehouse group and selecting a preferred warehouse for a supplier order. When an order is placed on preorder it has no connection to any warehouse. But since the order is connected to a market, and a market is connected to a warehouse group, you will need to specify what warehouse that is the default of a certain warehouse group to get the preorder-column correct. This will automatically be fixed upon update, but please verify that the correct warehouse is selected. When creating a supplier order you will also get the option of selecting what warehouse it will be sent to, this will affect the Supplier-column in the stock view.

Hold now visible inside shipment view

As soon as an order is set to HOLD, all icons in the shipment view will turn orange. This will visualize the hold so it's not being shipped.

Shipped-icon turns yellow when Delivery Note is printed

As soon as a delivery note is printed, the shipping icon turns yellow. This separates these shipments from new ones and you can keep the separation of already printed out shipments.

Size Comment added

All Size-related info is now under the SIZE INFO-button inside the Stock-popup. You can add EAN, SKU and Comment in this view. The comment will be printed out on packing lists.

Packinglist sorted by Comment

There's a new possibility of exporting a packing list based on comment sort. This is really nice if you are using comments for warehouse location.

Credit limit / Overdue invoice settings

You can now block on Credit Limit and Overdue invoices on two places, Order Placement, and Order Expedite, or both. The block on Order Expedite prevents orders to be expedited if the criteria are met.

New store settings

There are now some added settings to your store.

  • If you are using the Supplier Module and have Delivery Windows, inside Create Selection you could see both Stock and Incoming in two different columns. You can now select to merge these ones into one to save up space.
  • You can select if you want Shipping to be default as Yes when you're using the Create Selection Checkout.

CSV Order import

You can now upload a CSV inside Create Selection with EAN and Quantity. This will add the selected products directly to your selection. You can also use SKU, Variant SKU, Size and Quantity if you're not using EAN codes. You will also be notified if a product wasn't found.

New Commission payment handling (batch payment)

Commission payment is now a lot easier than before. You can see all Invoices and Credit Notes in the same view and you're able to catch these at the same time.

You can also use the new Commission Payment report to get information about all payments registered regarding commission.

Return/Cancellation changes

You can now select what warehouse you want to cancel a product into. When you do a return you can also add a comment and select if you want it to be returned to a warehouse or extracted from it.

The extraction from a warehouse will end up as a Stock History entry.

Add voucher in Create Selection

You're now able to add vouchers from the Create Selection view. You do not need to know the code, you just press the +VOUCHER-button inside the checkout.

New report features

We've added a Commission Payment report containing all commission payments for the selected date, or invoice, interval. We've also added the possibility to email out the reports as soon as they are generated. This will keep it easier to send reports daily/weekly etc to people without giving them access to the system.

Resolved bugs

  • You can now select Pricelist inside the create selection popup.
  • Delivery Window is now automatically selected when creating a selection.
  • Invoice payment date – You can now register invoice payment and have a visual of what date you registered and what date is was paid.
  • Added EC-VAT to Sales Per Order-report
  • Design detail: Large tables now get smaller in size to save up space.
  • General optimizations to handle more products.
  • You can now edit the voucher value as well on a shipment before you could only change the shipping value

Crunch-time fixes!

We've added some minor changes during the release which finalizes the release much more.

New integrations

We've actually integrated three new invoice partners during these two weeks! Amazing work! These needs some hands-on to get started with, so let us know if you're interested.

  • Fortnox – Send invoices/customers to Fortnox and receive payments back to Centra.
  • Xero – Send invoices/customers to Xero and receive payments back to Centra.
  • QuickBooks – Send invoices/customers to QuickBooks and receive payments back to Centra.

Redefined PDF-summary

We tried for a while using a fixed position of the summary in our PDFs, due to certain integration partners which scan the invoice for the total value. This however made it complicated to only get the summary on the last page, which ended up in having the summary on all pages. We've changed this now, so we have it on the last page, as a block (which will not end up separated, it'll stick together so you see all summary numbers on the same page).

We've also fixed the paging numbers (as soon as you downloaded multiple PDFs at the same time you got a wrong paging count on them, always summarized. We've also made so that the summary aswell as the payment-description and reminder info takes much more space horizontally, no reason to have it placed in the corner.

Better discount values

We had two decimal discounts before, we changed this into one, that'll make your discount numbers look better (45% instead of 46.01 or 44.99%)

Find overdue invoices

You can now search for overdue:yes inside Invoices to get a list of all your overdue invoices!

More reports

We've added some more reports!

  • Sales per Account
  • Sales per Collection
  • Sales per Brand