Centra 1.2.2

Here's a list with all the new updates for 1.2.2. We will try to explain as good as we can regarding the new features. You will be notified as soon as you are running the latest version.

Have you ever wanted to sell something to a VIP person? Have you wanted to recieve additional payment from your customer due to modifications in their order? Wanted to sell a specific product from another warehouse only once? Now you can. With 'Shareable order link' you are able to:

  1. Build a 'Selection' using 'Create Selection' like always inside Centra.
  2. Save a specified cart, with special prices or connected to a special market/pricelist.
  3. Click the 'LINK'-button inside the Checkout
  4. Specify if you want to lock the specific amount you've saved, or if the customer are able to buy more. If you lock them, the customer is able to buy only the products specified and only those.
  5. Send the link provided to your customer
  6. The customer will click the link, and will be redirected to the cart with the products provided in the cart.
  • The order is a one-time only link. If the order is placed – the link is dead.
  • If you change the price for a product, the customer will never be able to increase the amount with that specific price. That means that you have the ability to control how many products the customer are able to buy for a certain price.
  • You control the market and the pricelist. Even though the user changes country etc, the priclelist and market is locked. Remember that you will need a shipping price for the customer's shipping country to get it to work. The customer will not be able to ship to a country which do not have a shipping cost for that country.
  • If you're sending the link to multiple persons at the same time, you could be getting multiple orders for the same product. The procedure works like this:

    When you access the link. It checks if the link has been used for a purchase yet.

    If not, a copy of the order is created for the user that clicked the link.

    But if a purchase was made before the user clicked the link, the user won't get anything at all inside their basket. Whenever the first purchase is made, the link gets deleted and the order that the copy was made from also gets deleted. So as soon as you have clicked the link, you've got a ticket to buy whatever the linked contained. But if the link was connected to a special market connected to a warehouse with a limited amount of products, you're still able to only get one person to be able to buy it, since Centra will always check stock levels before purchase.

New PDF documents

We totally ripped apart all our documents and rebuilt them. They're now faster, smaller and more portable. We actually decreased the size more than tenfold by optimization (from 500kb to 25kb). You can also copy-paste from them now without hassle.

We've also locked the total and OCR-fields (OCR for Sweden, FIK for Denmark) so you're able to integrate with certain Image Recognition Invoice Services by using the coordinates of the invoices – super cool!

We also have some awesome features coming up regarding line sheets.

You have a gray button called LINK which will open up a secure link to view the order and invoice documents. You can also change the %link parameter inside the email, to a %document, that will link to the document without login, instead of linking to the showroom login.

Order Allocation

Inside an order, you have two buttons, Allocate and Unallocate. These buttons control the reservation of stock for the selected order. You can also select what warehouse you will allocate/unallocate from. You can also batch Allocate/Unallocate which will try to allocate/unallocate on all orders you've selected.

When you expedite an order, you can select to allocate the amounts you want to expedite. Now you don't have to allocate before you expedite, but you can do them both at the same time.

Physical stock editing

When doing a physical stock count, before, you were not able to change the amounts on already allocated products. So if you hadn't shipped some products already allocated to orders, you were not able to decrease your stock below this amount. Now, you will be able to change your physical stock amount as much as you like. If you decrease it, it will automatically unallocate by LIFO (last in, first out). And if you increase your stock, you will be able to select if the allocation should be made with FIFO (first in, first out).

Stock history visibility

Before you could view the stock history and see the delta in/delta out. Now you can press the Orders-link next to the quantities and you'll see what orders that has these products connected. You can also search/sort and filter inside the stock history.

We will shortly change so returns from orders will also be logged in stock history, so you also can see what orders a product has been connected to.

Commission handling

Easier to pay commissions. You will now see the credit notes for the Sales Rep in the same list, so you're able to balance the payments between invoice and credit notes in the same view.

Status controlled terms

You can now deactivate terms by using regular status-flags, so you can communicate what terms that are available for use. If an old account/order/invoice has already deactivated terms, they will still be selectable for that particular account/order/invoice.

Date-controlled CMS articles

Many clients have asked for an automated way of publish blog entries or alike. You can now set your entries to a date in the future, and the articles will be published as soon as that date occur.

Registered User-flag

You can now see inside the customer information if the customer was registered or not.

Reports - Auto generation et al

We have added a really cool feature, and will continue to work with the Auto Generation of reports. You can now select if a report should be auto generated when the timeframe has passed. This mean that you will have generated reports every week (if you've selected the week-timeframe) and you will be able to download the old reports anytime you want. We will soon add the possibility to receive an email with the report attached as soon as it's created. You can also select if you want the report as XLS (excel file) or CSV (to import to other systems, etc).

New reports:

  • Intrastat Supplier Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Commission Payment Report


  • You can now select collection inside the Sales per Product report.

Export/Import of Localized Information

You've only been able to export localized text, but now you can import it aswell. You can now export an excel file, send it to a translation bureau and then import it back in through CSV.

Delivery/Order/Product CSV-Export

You can now export orders and deliveries as CSV-lists. Use the checkboxes to select the orders you want, and then select Export Orders/Deliveries. From this view, you're able to select what format you need. You can also select CSV when you export products through the EXPORT-button.

Clone order/invoice/user

You can now clone an order. You can then select if it should be for the same account or another one. You will then be redirected to the checkout step so you're able to modify it before you place it.

The same thing with invoices, you can clone and select if it should be inverted as a credit note, and if you want it for the same account. You can also clone users/sales reps.

Individual variant prices

Many of our clients have asked for different prices for different variants of the same product. Some of them have different material or are built as packs. We can now present to you a solution where you're able to override the product's price for each variant. NB: Please remember that this feature may not be supported inside your frontend, and therefore will continue to communicate the normal product price. The general showroom and 'Create Selection' will support this out-of-the-box.

To add prices for variants, you edit your product, press "Individual Variant Prices" to select for what variant you want to enable a new price. You can also expand the product you want to change inside the Pricelist View by clicking the row to expand it.

Delivery Windows

You can now create 'At Once'-Delivery Windows. These are not restricted to dates and will always be sorted first. They should probably only contain Stock-products as that makes total sense. You can also select if you want to hide the date-spans if you have your own way of communicating this.

We have changed the two types of product modes inside a delivery window to "Stock/Link" this one will first check if it's placed into the future, if so, it'll search for confirmed supplier orders with an ETA that are placed inside the delivery window. If none is found, it'll try to extract from stock instead. This means that you will be able to sell stock while it's in transit. The other product mode is preorder, which means that it won't touch stock or supplier orders and only build up a demand that will later be handled by allocation or a supplier order.

Better log history

You can now see what changes you've done on an order if you changed the address. Centra will calculate the difference and show you before/after inside the log.

Better search capabilities

You can now search for dates like this:

  • created:"110101 15:16-110505 16:10"
  • created:yesterday-today
  • created:today
  • created:"yesterday 15:16-today 16:10"
  • created:"20110101 15:16-20110505 16:10"
  • created:20110101-20110505
  • created:110101-110505

Shift-select multiple items

You can now do as in Gmail, select one item, press Shift-key and press another one, and it'll automatically select all items in between. To deselect them, use the Mark-all-box at the top to select/deselect.

This is also available inside the import, since you're able to select what fields that should be modified by the import:

Showroom updates

We've improved a lot of stuff inside the showroom. Here's a shortlist:

  • Ability to control when the colors turn green and orange, by setting a threshold for your products.
  • Ability to select if stock should be visible. A tooltip will then be visible when hovering the sizes, aswell as listed inside the order sheet. You are also able to set a limit, so you don't expose your complete stock, ie: Showing '100+' instead of '165'.

You will find both these settings inside SYSTEM / STORE by selecting your Wholesale store.

Store settings

  • Select a product limit for your store. If you want to restrict the amount per each product you could sell per customer, you could use this setting.

Archiving orders and products

You are now able to archive products and completed orders. This will make them hide from the searches and will speed up your progress by hiding the stuff you don't work with.

Invoice updates

  • You can now have full control of your invoice numbers. A canceled invoice is now dead, and the invoice number is available again. You can always try to place an invoice on another invoice number if it's not locked. You will get an error if you try to allocate to an existing number.
  • You will also see a summarize of the products when you're adding them, so you know the total amount.
  • Penalty percent is now visible on the invoice by default.
  • You can select in your invoice templates if you want to hide the prices on the delivery note.
  • You can now mark an invoice as paid even though the full amount was not paid. You have the ability to force-mark an invoice as paid, even though there are due on them.

Product URI

When creating a new product, if the URI is empty it will be built by this priority list:

  • Product Name
  • Product Name + First Variant
  • Product Name + SKU

New import possibilities

We've added some more features to the import feature in Centra.

Add/Update stock quantity

You are now able to, if you import stock quantity, to replace or append the quantities in your file. This will make it easier for you to insert new shipments since the import will not affect the already inserted stock. The update-method of the stock, is default – just as before. We've also corrected so that the stock deliveries were not reset when you imported but now they count the difference and imports those values.

Import to all collections

You can now select 'All Collections' in the Collection menu, and Centra will search through all collection instead of once at a time.


You can now select and de-select all columns you want to affect. The new shift-select feature works here aswell.

Media Import for Variants

If you've ever tried the media import you'll notice how fast you actually can get a lot of images uploaded. Until recently, you were not able to directly connect them to the variant inside a product. We've actually added the possibility to get a direct connect between the image and the variant by using the SKU and the Variant SKU as a combination. So, for example:

1000-4532 black.jpg

Will look for a product with SKU=1000 and Variant SKU=4532, if it finds it, it'll connect to it. So if you name your images correctly, you will have no problem adding images super fast.

Multi upload inside CMS

You can now select multiple images without creating a zip-file when uploading images. NB: You will have to save your entry once to get this functionality to work though.

Dymo LabelWriter

You can now enable a label writer as a plugin. You will be able to activate it by adding it as a plugin to your store. You can also select if you want a return-label to be printed for each shipment. You will get a Label-button on the shipment, and also a selection to 'Print labels' while viewing the list of shipments. To install Dymo LabelWriter on your computer (PC only) please follow this guide

New plugin handling

We've now combined all external partners into one place. All your newsletter subscription services and feeds are now in one place. We will be moving over payments, shipment modules and affiliates to this section later on.

New integration partners

A prime focus of ours is to integrate Centra with additional services. As per above, we've starting to merge all external services to a plugin section inside Centra. We will constantly add new partners to it and will keep you updated about our progress.

  • Payment: ePay
  • Payment: Certitrade (direct capture only)
  • Payment: PayPort
  • Newsletter: Mailchimp
  • Newsletter: ID-Relay
  • Newsletter(/Email-trigger): Apsis
  • Newsletter(/Email-trigger): Compost
  • Feed: Google Merchant
  • Feed: Modezine
  • Feed: Affiliatebot
  • ERP: Jeeves (Products, Stock, Customers, Accounts, Pricelists, Products, Orders, Invoices, Terms)
  • ERP: Visma (Invoices)
  • ERP: Retail Pro (Orders)
  • Reporting: SIE4-Export
  • Label Printer: Dymo LabelWriter

It's also good to remind you about our already existing partners.

  • Feed: Commission Junction
  • Feed: Tradedoubler
  • Feed: Webtraffic
  • Newsletter: Rulemailer
  • Payment: DIBS
  • Payment: Klarna/Klarna Konto
  • Payment: PayPal
  • Payment: Auriga
  • Payment QuickPay
  • Payment: Samport
  • Shipment: Fedex
  • Shipment: UPS
  • Shipment: Unifaun/Pacsoft
  • ERP: Navision (Products, Stock, Customers, Accounts, Pricelists, Products, Orders, Invoices, Terms)
  • ERP: E-Conomic (Accounts, Invoices)
  • ERP: Garp (Products, Stock)
  • POS: DDD-Retail (Stock)
  • Handheld WMS: Evodev (Products, Stock, Orders)
  • CWH: USA Fulfillment (Products, Orders)