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2018-04-11 Issue No: 8

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The sprint has ended. You know the drill! For those of you who don’t know what the drill is, read here. These releases will be deployed to your Demo environment today (Wednesday), then you’ll perform tests and so will we, then next Monday the same releases and any additional bugfixes are deployed to your Live environment.

Once the releases are deployed to your Demo environment we have entered the “testing period”. If we or you discover issues or bugs during this period on Demo we will fix them. By the time it comes to Monday any problems found should be fixed, meaning that your Live environments are as bug-free as possible.

It’s super important for you to let us know if there is something fishy going on during the testing period and on Mondays deployment! Because, after all, we are only humans and can occasionally miss stuff. If a business critical bug occurs after Live deployment we will build a hotfix which is immediately delivered to your Live environment.

See previous Release Notes

Platform release notes.

Platform Release Notes


  • Centra will be going out with a GDPR email later this month with a detailed explanation of our GDPR features. That means that there are no features to display this sprint. Sorry.

Removal Notice

  • Instagram has made changes that prevents Centra from changing the portrait images into squares.


  • Ingrid (formerly known as Shipwallet) had various bugs fixed in the new version of the integration.

  • When you import a .ZIP file into a file slot within CMS the file now stays zipped.

  • The Checkout API is no longer missing product data for products that are unavailable.

Showroom Release Notes

Showroom Release Notes


  • The button to Sort by delivery window has been renamed to Group by.

  • It is now possible to filter by order status in the order sheets list. Searching by keyword is now remembered in the URL. And, you can now navigate from order details to previous search results, or, send the link to another person.

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  • Performance issues with the Select Units page have been significantly improved and products are now rendering more quickly.

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