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The sprint has ended and we're updating Centra Commerce! Today (Tuesday 22nd of May) we will deploy updates to Demo Environments for you to test and on Thursday (24th of May) we will deploy all of the updates and any bug fixes found within the testing period to Live Environments.

Kindly note that we are releasing a bit earlier than usual. This is because this week's release contains some convenience functions for making GDPR functionality easier, and we want to make sure you get it before the GDPR comes into effect.

Important GDPR information: If you do not have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us, chances are, you need one. Please reach out to our support team and we'll send one across. We will also reach out to you individually during Wednesday (23rd of May) if we see that you do not have a DPA with us.

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Platform release notes.

Platform Release Notes


  • You no longer need to anonymize customers/accounts that should to be forgotten one by one by one. A new batch action allows you to quickly forget many customer or accounts at once. This is useful for filtering out customers/accounts that have been inactive for e.g., 24 or 36 months and batch anonymize them. Be careful once anonymized, you cannot get the customer back!

anonymize bulk action.

  • You no longer need to contact Centra support when a customer asks for a copy of their personal data. When logged in as an admin user in Centra Admin, you can now export a full copy of a customer's or account's data with the click of a button, and it will automatically send the copy to the email address associated with the customer or account.

  • If you are using the Pyramid ERP system, the integration log will now only show two days worth of entries, to make sure we don't store personal data longer than necessary


  • Linesheets were sometimes not shown correctly - this is now fixed.

  • An error in the logging of data transfers between the M3 ERP system and Centra was fixed.

  • An error causing packing list sort order to sometimes be incorrect was fixed.

  • An error that in very rare occasions could cause the wrong warehouse inventory level to be displayed was fixed.

  • Invoices that only had shipping cost on them (no product cost) erroneously showed a total price of 0 - this is now corrected.

  • Campaign view search for multiple SKUs, e.g., sku:1,2,3,4,5 did not work as intended. Now it is possible to search for multiple SKU's at a single time!

Showroom Release Notes

Showroom Release Notes


  • We've made Showroom load more beautifully on slow connections by adding an image placeholder while waiting for product images to load.

  • The top navigation bar in the Showroom is now visible at all times, making it easier for buyers to navigate.

Topbar gif release note.


  • We fixed the inconsistent product details page navigation in order checkout.

  • We've added support for settings page and file upload on Internet Explorer 11.

  • We have fixed the error message displayed for missing images in products list and products details pages.

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Michael Power

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