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Centra + Rule = Great Customer Journeys from start to finish

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Hello clients, customers, and friends of Centra!

Do you want to get to know how the connection between Centra and Rule works? And, maybe learn more about how to set up all the features in Rule to reach the perfect flow and customer experience?

Have burning Centra or Rule questions you need answered?

Join us for a morning of informative talks, workshops, and of course a delicious breakfast.

Who will be there?

We hope you will be, but on location will be Sam Jahanfar, the CEO of Rule Communication, representing Rule and its functionalities to best pursue business-friendly and customer-driven marketing communications. From Centra, Jennifer Hahne, Head of Customer Success, who will be speaking about the best practices for setting up Rule within Centra.

Together we want to help you develop your understanding of the processes involved and share our ideas for success.


08.30 - Breakfast

09.00 - Short introduction of Rule & Centra

09.15 - How to setup Rule in Centra

09.30 - Customer Journey

10.10 - Workshop

10.50 - Q&A

11.00 - Seminar ends

You may be using another mailing tool (that’s okay) but would like to learn more about customer journeys, then this is the event for you!

This is a cost-free event, however, places are limited so register yourself and your colleagues today or before May 29th.


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