Sent May 8, 2018

Ascension Day at Centra

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Hello Centra Customer,

The office at Långholmen will be closed on Ascension Day (_Thursday, May 10th_). Centra understands that this may be a busy period for you which is why we will providing support for business critical issues.

What are business critical issues?

Centra admin or API's are down!
The B2B showroom is down!
The website is up but the checkout is not working!
Customers can't place orders!


If you experience one of the above issues please call our after hours support number by clicking on the blue box. You will be connected with one of our On Call Engineers who will be

able to assist you with your issue.

It is recommended that you also have your front-end partners phone number handy for the unlikely event that you experience issues related to your webshop.

Our Centra On Call Engineers will only be able to assist you in platform related issues, specified above.

If you are unsure whether your issue is front-end or Centra related but is critical, please call either of us and we will help you get to the right place.

[08 519 72 204] (

Best regards,

Michael Power

Customer Success & Communications Coordinator

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Address: Mälarvarvsbacken 8 Stockholm, Sweden 117 33