Sent Jun 17, 2016

Young/Skilled Tips And News + June Office Hours - Sent Jun 17, 2016

The Young/Skilled Review

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Hi All! Summer is upon us! So break out the shorts, eat loads of strawberries, get your Midsommar plans in order, and most importantly... get your team ready for summer sales! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the summer sales period.

Tips & News

Increased Sales through Customer Reviews

Did you know that you can have customer reviews on your site through Silk? Customer reviews provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Increased conversion and sales
  • Stronger search-engine rankings (SEO)
  • Stars in Google's SERP, higher click-through
  • Increased customer trust and fewer returns
  • Learn and improve from continuous feedback

Silk comes with plugin support for our partner service TestFreaks, which helps you collect product and seller reviews from your customers via post-purchase emails. All reviews are moderated before they are published, and you can keep track of reviews and statistics in their dashboard.

If you are interested in hearing more about how it works or how to sign up, please contact us at

New column in the Orders section

There’s a new column under Wholesale ---> Orders. It is "Pref. Ship.” You can filter on it and search for it, just like other columns. You can quickly see the preferred shipping date already in the orders view.

June Office Hours

On Tuesday (21/06) we have an office-wide workshop and therefore you may experience slower support. Don't panic! We won't be totally unreachable, should an eCommerce emergency arise.

Due to the Midsommar (Friday 24/06), our office and support services will be closed. If you have a super urgent case that can't wait please give us a call - the phone line will be open for critical matters.

Any changes?

If there have been any organizational changes within your company, please let us know who your new Silk contact is, so that we can update our info accordingly.