Sent Mar 22, 2017

Young/Skilled News For March: The Fusion Of Fashion And Function - Sent Mar 22, 2017

The fusion of fashion and function

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Design is how it works. It’s not enough to look good, and this is true across architecture, physical design and digital products. The industry is changing, which means that the rules for creating design that works are changing constantly. We’re lucky to work with some of the people who are rewriting those rules.

We spoke with our friends at DePalma Workwear about how they’re fusing fashion and function: workwear isn’t just about durability, and fashion isn’t just about seasonal style. Read more on our blog about how they're building the business they want to see in the world.

Also on the Ideal X blog

Speaking about how things work, in the contemporary world of work, managing multiple locations, allowing for flexibility, and accepting being asynchronous means that everyone can benefit from how distributed teams operate. Find out what Agata Czapla, our e-commerce and digital marketing manager, has to say about her experience.

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Stockholm office meetup - Thursday, May 4th

Mark your calendars! Our Centra engineering manager, Nataliya Remez, has taken over as organizer of the Go Agile Stockholm meetup. We’re hosting our first Go Agile event in our office on Langholmen, and we’ll post details on Facebook as well as on the Meetup page. Come and meet the team, and learn about using agile processes for everything from app launches to moon landings.

Virtual reality in reality

Some of our team attended the Women in Tech event in Stockholmtwo weeks ago. One of the more striking things we learned was just how much is happening with virtual reality technology. For now, the biggest advances seem to be in gaming, filmmaking, and medical training and research, but now that the devices themselves are more affordable, will it go mainstream? And where will the applications be for the fashion and retail world?

Designers like Rebecca Minkoff are incorporating it into fashion shows, and hope to use it to reduce return rates (especially for online orders), but it still hasn’t been widely adopted in the industry. Will it be fashion’s growth engine, or is it still mostly high-tech snake oil?

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