Sent Jun 07, 2013

New Silk Features V1.2.4/1.2.5 - Sent Jun 07, 2013

Silk Features for 1.2.4 and 1.2.5

Feature Update: Here's the new features for Silk 1.2.4 and 1.2.5. To see what version you are using, look in the bottom left corner of Silk:

We will start sending out emails containing new functionality each month (we'll try at least!), together with some advices how to get the most out of Silk. This first email has alot of new stuff in it, long read but probably worth it!

To read more about the features, there's an article inside the Knowledge Base (KB). Your KB login is: *|KBUSER|* / *|KBPASS|*

B2C / B2B. Campaign Functionality

Alot of clients has asked for the posibility to have fixed prices on campaigns. Previously we only had a percentage that could be set. You can now set a fixed price aswell, and the percentage will be calculated. This means nicer prices in your campaigns!

We've also added ability to restrict a campaign on Pricelist, so make sure you do not use fixed prices on multiple currencies if they should not use the same values, for example a fixed price of 100 for both EUR and SEK pricelists will be pretty messed up.

Thanks to Vincent Boiardt and Maria Brunstedt for this functionality.

We've added some more settings for the Order Links you can send to customers.

You can now select if the currency/shipping and tax should be recalculated from what you've already setup inside the order before you send the link:

Thanks to Tobias Kankelborg for this feature suggestion.

B2C / B2B. Voucher Updates

We've added some features to our voucher system.

  • Ability to select if it's a Gift Voucher or not. A Gift voucher is handled a bit differently in regards to VAT, but also makes it easier to divide what vouchers are gifts or campaign vouchers.
  • Export Excel from selected vouchers. The Export button in the voucher view will actually export the voucher you've searched for. This is a functionality we will add to other sections later on. Search inside the vocher view and press Export to get only those vouchers. Easy as 1.2.5!

    Thanks to Niclas Winroth, Tiffani Gaede and Erik Magnuson for the addition of this functionality.

B2C / B2B. Catalog Filter

You can now filter your Catalog on Brands directly from the dropdown.

Thanks to Nikie Elgqvist for this suggestion.

B2C / B2B. Catalog batch functionality

You now have more settings when you want to activate products for being sold on B2B or B2C. If you select a certain amount of products, you can now make these activations in batch (multiple products at the same time):

Activate Variants and Media will add the images/variants directly to the Display. If the product has multiple variants, you can select if it should create one display with all variants or one display per variant. Different customers use different solutions for their products, so make sure you're using the correct way for your frontend.

Thanks to Ole Johan Lindøe and Alexandra Wahlqvist for this functionality.

B2C / B2B. New plugins

We've added some more plugins for both B2C and B2B.

  • DSV Export. If you're using DSV as your warehouse, we now have export files working with their system for both orders and products.

    Thanks to Kasper Petersen for this feature request.

  • Card Gate. You can now use Card Gate as a payment provider.

    Thanks to Tobias Ericsson for requesting this.

  • Also a reminder that we have these integrations right now with these logistics partners, which makes it easier for you creating shipments, without copy paste to their systems:

    • Bring
    • DHL
    • Fedex
    • Pacsoft / Unifaun
    • Post Danmark
    • UPS
    • USPS
B2C / B2B. Batch functionality inside CATALOG / Display

You can now batch change products inside Catalog / Display-view. This makes it easy to fastly remove products from a certain market, or hide out of stock products completely.

Thanks to Ole Johan Lindøe and Tobias Kankelborg for this feature request.

B2C / B2B. New reports

We've added some new reports. One report is especially nice. This report also shows how we will work with reports in the future, being able to customize them in terms of exactly what columns you need.

  • Inventory by Warehouse Report. This report is highly customizable. It will give you the option to list your products on product, variant or size level. For each product, it will show you FTA, Physical and Allocated for each warehouse you select. It will also show you the Gross Margin/Profit for the pricelist you select. If you select the column called Sales, it will also add this information:

    Total COG

    Retail Value

    Sales Retail

    Sales Wholesale

    Total Units Sold

    RRP Sales

    WP Sales

    Total Sale Value

    Retail COGS

    Wholesale COGS

    Total COGS

    Total GP

    Avg GP

    GP % Cont

    % of Sales

    Also, if you select a timeframe when you export it (or select it using the auto generation) you will get:

    Units per week

    Stock Cover

    Most of these columns are real Excel formulas, so you can see how we've calulated them. Let us know if we're missing something here!

    Thanks to Dan Nathan and Kasper Petersen for this report request.

  • Sales by Product/Order. We've changed this report so you also get the Customer Email and if they have signed up for the Newsletter. There's also a Folder column now so you could create newsletter based on what folders they have bought.

    Thanks to Niclas Winroth for the suggestion.

  • Stock Export values. When you are inside the Stock view, you can now select what value you want inside the export.

    Thanks to Linn Billinger for this feature.

B2B / B2C. Ability to restrict users only to be able to view the stock, without editing it.

Thanks to Kasper Petersen for this feature suggestion.

B2B / B2C. Ability to enable/disable warehouses.

You can now disable if a warehouse is not active anymore.

B2B. Consignment Sales

If you're sending out products to stores and creates invoices each month depending on their sales, this is for you. This functionality creates a warehouse for each Account you've enabled for consignment, it will keep track of what products each accounts holds and you're able to create an invoice based on the sales each month. You will still use the normal Create Selection-flow to send the products over to the store, but use the consignment module to create the invoice. This invoice will be connected to all the orders that sent over the products without any hassle. You are also able to create the invoice based on the current pricelist or the pricelist that you sent the products with.

More information for this flow, see the Silk 1.2.4/1.2.5 Updates article in the KB.

Please let us know if you want a rundown of the complete flow, we're happy to show you how it works.

Thanks to Kasper Petersen, Anton Sandqvist and Jousette Grandin for helping us out developing this functionality.

B2B. Account custom Warehouse Group

You can now set a Custom Warehouse Group directly on an Account. This makes it possible to override the Market settings and set a certain Account so they only see stock from a specific Warehouse Group independently of what market that has been set.

B2B. Internal Account

You can now set an Account as internal, and all orders placed as this account will be automatically set as internal.

Thanks to Didrik Wachtmeister for this suggestion.

B2B. Tier Pricing

You can enable Tier pricing in your Showroom to be able to charge less when the customer buys more of the same product. As soon as it is enabled, the tier-price-link will be visible for each product inside the pricelist view.

To enable the Tier Pricing, visit the STORE settings and enable it:

Thanks to David Eriksson for this feature suggestion.

B2B. Delivery Window Updates

Product/Variation Limits. You can now set a limit for a variation or a product (all variations combined) for each Delivery Window. This means that if you're restricted to only being able to order a certain quantity from your supplier, you can restrict a delivery window to only sell that amount.

Thanks to Joan Torres for requesting this functionality.

B2C. General Showroom Updates

We've added alot of new features to the general showroom.

  • Ability to pay orders aswell as invoice using Credit Card. The payment providers we support today is ePay, DIBS, Paypal, Braintree and QuickPay. You can find the payment setup for each of these inside the STORE settings.
  • Linesheet export for the current selection. Inside the Selection view of the showroom, there's now a PDF Linesheet link that will print out a nice PDF with the current selection.
  • Ability to lock down certain information inside the showroom. You can now edit if you want your clients to be able to change all their information, partially, or not at all. You can find this settings inside the STORE settings for your Wholesale store.
  • Ability to hide size descriptions. If you want it to not show "One Size" if you only have one size for each product.
  • Ability to attach PDF to Order Receipt and Invoice emails. You can now enable if you want the email to attach a PDF version of the Order Receipt and the Invoices sent out directly from Silk.

    Thanks to David Eriksson, Janne Berg, Jacob Olesen, Didrik Wachtmeister, Anton Sandqvist and Daniel Axén for this added functionality.

Did you know...

That you can auto create reports for each day / week / month or year? If you enable the "Auto Generation" on your report you can select what email that should receive your report. The report can also be downloaded after it has been sent out on the report page.

Power User Feature #1

If you need to select multiple rows inside Silk without clicking each one of them, you can hold down Shift while clicking on the first checkbox and the last checkbox, and all inbetween will also be selected.