Sent Jan 15, 2016

The Young/Skilled Review

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Hi All and Happy New Year! We hope you had a marvellous Holiday, but now we all got to back to work. Here are some tips and news from Young/Skilled to make it easier and faster.

Silk Tips

Stock Export

For all of you who struggled with stock exports and your end of the year COG in Silk we now announce the new standard of stocks exports. You find it under Catalog > Stock in the upper right corner, this is old news for some of you. The new feature is the selection “One row per size” in the bottom of the popup. For more information about it read the article in the Knowledge Base.
Read the full article here.

Free Shipping Setup

In Silk, you can easily setup the free shipping option. There are two ways of doing that. To see how to do that, read the article in our Knowledge Base. Read the full article here.

Marketing Tips

If someone visits your website after clicking on a Facebook advert, they may not always complete an action such as making a purchase or giving you their contact information. One great way to remarket to them is by using your Facebook pixel, formerly known as the Custom Audience pixel. Here you can read how to do that! And if you need any help with setting up, email us at:

Need of Training?

Any new employees in your office that need to learn all there is to know about Silk? Maybe you just need an update yourself? Give us a shout and we can discuss a Silk Workshop.