Sent Aug 2, 2017

Centra Release Notes - Sent Aug 2, 2017

Centra Releases

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Today we finalized a sprint. That means today all of your DEMO environments will be updated with all the new releases that were completed during the sprint. You will have 3 business days to test all the releases plus the weekend.

On Monday afternoon these releases will be deployed into your LIVE environments, so please make sure to test. _Don't worry! _We will be busy testing too.

If you experience any issues during this testing stage please reach out to our support team for further investigation.

Release Notes

Centra: Feature Changes

  • You can now choose to use "Order Placed" confirmation emails.

Centra: Bugfixes

  • Klarna Checkout: Removed 'activation_email' setting.

  • Removed "Folder Name" from the csv order import.

  • Showroom API order list grandTotal prices. You'll see two prices, one with VAT and the other without VAT.

  • Adjusted how the client IP addresses are sent to Klarna so Klarna always receive the correct client IP.

Showroom Releases: Added

  • It's now possible to open product page in a new tab by right-clicking, middle-clicking and Cmd/Ctrl-clicking.

  • We added a table column display button, columns are hidden dynamically based on screen width, user can also manually select which table column are displayed.

Showroom Releases: Fixed

  • Login screen: delivery window list is now displayed properly when there's multiple delivery windows available at once.

  • Cells modified by different users now have proper borders.

  • Order sharing: the list of emails that the order was just shared with is now correct.

  • Improved responsiveness - we now hide vertical scrollbars, remove right margin and fix product matrix overflow.

  • Display issues in Safari are now fixed - cut off search input, the misaligned "Create Order Sheet" button and missing border in order sheet lists are now viewable and useable.

  • Responsiveness display issues in lookbook topbar are now fixed.

    New Articles

  • Do you need to create an account or log in to the Centra Showroom? This article will walk you through it.
  • Do you have new users that need assistance with how to create and edit orders in the Centra Showroom? This guide will be helpful.
  • Do you sell products in Asia and want to be able to use Asian languages on product descriptions and more? This will help you upload Asian Characters to Centra.

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