Sent Jul 05, 2017

Centra Release Notes 20170705 - Sent Jul 05, 2017

Centra Releases

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It's that time again. We have deployed the recent sprint's releases to your DEMO environments. That means that you have Thursday, Friday and Monday (and the weekend, if you want)to test all the changes that are listed below.

On Monday afternoon these releases will be deployed into your LIVE environments, so please make sure to test. _Don't worry! _We will be busy testing too.

If you experience any issues during this testing stage please reach out to our support team for further investigation.

Release Notes

Feature Changes

  • Create a possibility to add customised text field for credit template in the invoice template.
  • Extracted campaign related queries to one place and made it more consistent in APIs.
  • APSIS module: Add .nomob class to images in product list to make it more responsive..
  • Add refund status to SOAP API (NAV).


  • Cannot select delwin in the showroom.
  • Enable payment accept was not working properly when using the ShopAPIv1.
  • Fixed correction row on Dibs Payment Window.
  • Simple spam-check in Wishlist ignoring sending emails.
  • Added check to linesheet so it doesn't try to use a logo for PDF if no logo exists.
  • Add Klarna capture delay on direct capture.
  • Allocated on orders same as stock calculation.
  • Country change when switching to country with shipping but no pricelist.

Showroom Releases: Added

  • The layout of product page has changed and it's responsive. Product page now has a gallery with carousel of images. It's possible to open the image in a lightbox and zoom in the details. Main images of variants/related products are now displayed below product name.
  • Display order details in Order Select bar for checkout Requests order.

Showroom Releases: Fixed

  • Fixed not sending products limit if it came undefined from API.
  • Offline mode notification will not creep into viewport when the user is online.
  • Change window.confirm, remove confirm from utils (broken after TypeScript switch).
  • Products with total quantity 0 are not displayed in order summary in review and checkout step.
  • Fixed product matrix table overflowing order summary box in review and checkout step.
  • Fixed share order form, improving validation and enabling to share an order without approving the email with Enter key first.
  • Fixed filter popup animation in Select products, which was jumping a little bit.
  • Fixed problem with displaying order name and number for orders with checkout requested status.

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