Sent 22 Nov, 2017

Black Friday Release Protocol

This release cycle will be conducted differently due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You will receive your Demo environment deployment today. Because it is Black Friday weekend we have extended the test period to allow you time to test our releases. The Live environment deploy will be carried out on Tuesday next week instead of Monday.

We have decided that releases being deployed next Tuesday is in the best interest of your brand. Centra understands that this sale is a big deal and we do not want to hinder your sales period in any way, which includes releases.

  • We've added Payment Method Code to our Transaction Report.

Before: Payment Method Code was adyen_v1 for all Adyen payments.

Now: Payment Method Code will have the type of payment that Adyen has communicated with us. Please note, this will only be shown on new orders and will not change old orders.

  • We now have the Miinto Brand Feed plugin. This is a plugin to list products on Miinto. This plugin will need some manual setting up (Please contact the Success Team about this).

  • We've added Unifaun CN22 - UPS support. This feature will allow support for fields being sent to unifaun if you send goods outside of Sweden.
  • Multi VAT is now supported for Adyen Invoice payment methods but must be within the same order.
  • Previously CMS file uploads in MP4 format were not working, we have adjusted the import tool to resolve this issue.
  • There were a lot of Elasticsearch searching issues, we have since singled out all instances where these searching bugs occurred and resolved them.
  • When cloning an invoice into a credit note there were some products/items that were occasionally not cloned properly, now the clone invoice function works as intended.
  • We had some interactive dashboard problems, specifically account select. Now when interacting with the dashboard you will not have any issue.

  • New search function for Elasticsearch enabled clients. You can now quickly search products and enter units directly from the product listing page (If you don't have Elasticsearch enabled, reach out the Success Team).

  • Now you have the possibility to add, edit and delete shipping addresses from the account details page.

  • We have improved the compatibility of the showroom with older mobile browsers.

  • We've added Elasticsearch filters to customer, account and shipment tabs. This is going to make these areas load faster.

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