Sent Sep 13, 2013

New Silk Features for 1.2.5

Feature Update: Here's some new features for Silk 1.2.5. We will release a whole new version soon but in the meantime, enjoy!

Improved Dashboard

The new dashboard has improved a lot. We've added new tabs, Sales by Account, Sales Rep and Payment Method which enables you to shred your data in new way. What Sales Rep is selling the most? What payment method is used this month compared to last month? We've also added search-field for all "Sales By"-tabs, so you easy can search for a specific item:

The new dashboard has also added two new ways of filtering the data. One feature is the "SELECT CUSTOMERS"-button in the top. This button will make you able to specify exactly what accounts or customers you want to summarize in the dashboard, you will then get all tabs data only specified for the selected accounts. We've also added a DASHBOARD-button on the account page to easy go to the Account Dashboard:

The other filtering is that the dashboard now works for Agents! Agents will only see dashboard data for the accounts they have access to. This is really nice as they are able to see a summary of all their sales inside Silk. As soon as we push out the new dashboard we will also automatically add the dashboard access to all agents. Also, they will only be able to see the SALES-dashboard for now, not being able to access VISITS, INVOICE nor REPORTS.

We've also added a DASHBOARD button on the USER-page which will make you view the dashboard as that user. If the user is an agent, you will see exactly all info that the agents can see. This button is also present on the SALES REP-tab on the DASHBOARD.

Thanks to especially Henrik Linde for requesting these improvements!


This has been requested a while to be able to block an IP-adress to prevent fraud purchases etc. Blocking an IP will prevent any connection to the server from that IP.

This setting is located under SYSTEM -> IP BLOCK :

Thanks to Palle Wibrån for requesting this feature!

Newsletter for Wholesale

We've now divided you Wholesale account into Two tabs; Accounts and Newsletter. Just like in the Retail section you can now put your accounts as "newsletter - yes" and export a list from Silk to put into your newsletter service:

Thanks to Natascha Thomsen and Jacob Olesen for requesting this feature!

Import of Excel Order Sheet

You can now import the order sheet you can export from SALES -> ORDERS in Silk to create an order:

If you have problems problems placing a customers order online you can now easily export an order sheet, fill it with quantities, save it as a .csv file from Excel and import it to automatically create a selection for a customer.

The import is done when you've clicked CREATE SELECTION on an account:

Thanks to Dan Nathan for requesting this feature!

Display of total selection value (not just amount of products) in CREATE SELECTION

We now display the total value of the selection in the summary tab:

Thanks to Ole Johan Lindøe for requesting this feature!

Include / Exclude internal Accounts/orders on COGS - Invoice report

You can now choose to include/exclude internal accounts and/or orders on you COGS - Invoice report.

Thanks to Didrik Wachtmeister for requesting this improvement!

Partial return of voucher value

You can now choose to return only a specific part of the voucher value when creating a return. When you select 'Voucher' in the CREATE RETURN pop-up you'll now be able to change the value as you like:

Thanks to Kristin Hammarström for requesting this feature!

Improved zoom in the General Showroom

The zoom in our general showroom has now received a massive face lift. It will now show the image in it's full size when zooming. You can also browse in the zoomed view with the arrows on your keyboard and click ESC to shut it down:

Thanks to Cornelia Webb and the Wood Wood team for requesting this!

Google Merchant Feed Plugin

From the 1st of October we'll be able to configure a Google Merchant feed. For all you Google Merchants out there this is good news. The configuration of the plugin will require a small implementation cost but please contact our support at for more info!

Thanks to Fredrik Olovsson for requesting the feature!

Redirect URL Static

We've put a static called "redir" into Silk. To redirect URL:s type them in the static using this format:



First you type / and the URI you want to redirect from, then use a semicolon and the new URL.

Separate order on "Hold".

We added a store setting (under SYSTEM -> STORES) called "Separate Tab for Orders on Hold":

If set to yes this will move all your order into its own tab in the SALES -> ORDERS view, this is useful if you want to keep them separated from the other orders. You can always search for hold:yes to see all your orders on hold independently of this setting

Thanks to David Eriksson for requesting this feature!

New search strings

We made some new search strings for improved filtering under SALES -> ORDERS, see below:


You can now filter on order with/without shipping cost by searching shipping:!0 or shipping:0 in the search field under SALES -> ORDERS.

Pricelist in Retail

You can now search for Pricelists under SALES -> ORDERS in the Retail section as well. Just type _pricelist:SEK _for example.

Account ID in Wholesale

We now display Account ID's next to the Account name under SALES -> ORDERS in the Wholesale section!

To read about more search strings to use in Silk, go to the article in our knowledge base here.

Your KB login is: *|KBUSER|* / *|KBPASS|*

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Best regards

/The Y/S team

Did you know...

That you can auto create reports for each day / week / month or year? If you enable the "Auto Generation" on your report you can select what email that should receive your report. The report can also be downloaded after it has been sent out on the report page.

Power User Feature #2

If you want to create many unique voucher codes at the same time you can create the first one, then clone it to several clones, and change codes in batch from an excel kolumn. In this way you get unique vouchers but with more personal codes than the ones that are automatically generated!